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Summa Time in Support

Hudl Support

April showers brought May awesomeness to the Hudl support team. Even though our call numbers continue to go down, we tried to step our game up in other areas. With football season just a couple months away, we’re trying to make sure we’re ready for you!

Before we get to May’s particulars, how about a little gauge of 2013 compared to 2012? As of last week, we’ve taken almost 21,000 calls this year. That’s less than a quarter of the 85,000 we took by the end of last year. “But Hudl,” you’re probably thinking, “we’re five months into 2013. Does that mean you’ll get 60,000 calls in the next seven months?” Our answer is no.

Probably closer to 70,000.

  • We fielded 3,392 calls in May, which continues the downward trend we’ve seen since March. Hopefully now that school’s out, you’re taking some time off before the craziness starts back up in August.
  • Thanks to yet another decrease in calls and the new growth of our support team, our average hold time dropped to 31 seconds. Having enough people to help our coaches is huge for us. We want to resolve your issues and answer your questions as quickly as possible so you can get back to what you were doing.
  • The number of emails we answered dropped to 3,317 in May, while the number of chats we took went up to 713. Hooray words!
  • We set up 398 remote sessions for coaches. Hopefully you already had Google Chrome installed for us!

Everything else was down except for our survey stats. Of the 660 that we received:

  • 635 (96.2%) said their experience was awesome.
  • 657 (99.5%) said they would hire the rep they worked with.

We hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer to relax and get ready for another awesome year. Maybe find a training session or two to brush up on the basics.

We’re going to take up some new hobbies to keep ourselves busy in the meantime.

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