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Overlay Overhaul


If you’ve ever had the chance to swing through our feedback site, there’s a good chance you saw one or two suggestions that we make overlays a little more enjoyable. Some wanted to customize what appears where, others asked that the data be more visible - coaches ran rampant with suggestions.

So overlays made their way to the top of our to-do list and they are officially to-done. We based all of the changes on suggestions from the feedback site and interviews with 10 different coaches who use overlays like nobody’s business.

Making everything readable was our number one concern. Now, not only is the font bigger in your normal layout, but you can also switch to full screen without sacrificing visibility - as the video gets bigger, so does the text.

We also moved the data. Rather than cramming everything in the top right corner, everything runs along the top of the screen. We gave it a backdrop so it should appear on any video, whether it’s really dark or really light.


If you’re worried about customizing what’s displayed, you shouldn’t be. Whatever column set you have displayed in the Library is what appears along the top. You can create a new column set solely for watching video if you’d like.

Bonus: Any changes you make to what’s displayed is specific to your account. Nothing you do will affect other users’ views.

We’re really excited about the new overlay, but that doesn’t mean we’re done taking suggestions on ways to make it even better. If there are other changes you’d like to see, let us know in the comments. We’re all ears (and eyes).

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