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Hot Dogs and a Healthy Lifestyle

Morgan Hohbein Hudl

Morgan Hohbein is sneaky. She does all kinds of stuff around the Hudl office, but you wouldn’t know unless you were really paying attention. Yeah, she’s a rockstar when it comes to supporting coaches, but the girl dabbles in account management and participates in all kinds of interoffice activities on top of those phone and email-answering duties.

None of this comes as a surprise to anyone who knows Morgan. See, she also puts together the monthly Healthy Hudlie newsletter. It’s chock-full of tips for nutritious eating, quick workouts, and community events focused on fitness. And she’s the one writing it because she actually lives it.

This isn’t anything new. Get a glimpse at her life story and you’ll see she’s always had a thing for staying actively busy.

“I was born and raised right here in Lincoln, Neb., home of Husker football, a lot of corn, and this neat little business called Hudl. I have two younger siblings and a brand new brother-in-law, which I’m pretty pumped about. I’ve lived a pretty active life participating in dance, track, soccer, and my one true love, volleyball. I started playing in the 3rd or 4th grade and haven’t stopped since.

“I decided to branch out for college and landed in Seward, Neb. - a whopping 30 minutes away from my hometown. I attended Concordia University where I received a degree in marketing and played a couple seasons of volleyball. After college, I worked in a gym for about eight months before nailing a job supporting coaches at Hudl in January 2012. I’ve been pretty pumped about it ever since.”

Do you collect anything? What if you could start any collection today? Besides Lakers jerseys, I am not much of a collector, because I’m terrified of someday becoming a hoarder. But, if I had to choose, I’d start collecting Santas, like my mom. There’s something about that jolly fella that gets me everytime.

What’s your guilty pleasure? Hot dogs. Especially the ones you get at Husker sporting events (the red Fairbury ones). Sodium-filled goodness.

If you had to pick any fictional character that perfectly portrays you as a child, who would it be? Little Orphan Annie. This really only fits me because of the mop of hair I had as a child. My family called me this for years, which I now take somewhat offensively. I was not an orphan, but I’m sure I threw around the phrases “leapin’ lizards!” and “gee whiskers” a couple of times, which makes this a perfect fit.

What’s your area of expertise? I’d have to say that I’m an expert at falling asleep in movies. Happens pretty much every time.

Tell me a story about Hudl. Every word has to start with the letter M. My morning material is mocha. Mike manages muscles. Hudl is awesome. (Oops, that totally doesn’t work.)

Favorite dessert. Any suggestions on how to make a standard dessert even more delicious? Cheesecake! Shout out to my dad on this one. He makes the best cheesecake I’ve ever been able to find. Add chocolate to (almost) any food and I will devour it.

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