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Here Comes the Groom

Bryant Bone

Our world-class support wouldn’t be what it is if we didn’t have Bryant Bone leading the charge. Our VP-Coach Relations has been part of the Hudl team for five years, and we’d be remiss not to commend just how good he is at keeping everyone in line.

We could talk your ear off about Bone’s history with the company (including the fact that he’s the only Hudlie to ever hold the title of “Client Support Engineer”), but he’s really the man of the hour/week because tomorrow is his wedding day.

Yep. He’s taking the plunge and walking down the aisle Friday evening to marry some girl named Stephanie whom we’re all pretty big fans of.

There’s not much else we can say that isn’t covered in the next few lines, so get to readin’.

“I lived a few places growing up. I was born in Beaumont, Texas, spent my early childhood in Fremont, Neb., but really call Omaha home, spending years 9-18 of my life there. I was raised in a fraternity house – I had four brothers (I’m the oldest) growing up. With five of six family members being male, my mom had to get used to a lot of guy stuff, and might be more stereotypically male than female at this point. I think she’s finally gotten over not getting to play with Barbies with her children.

“I graduated from Westside High School and attended the Raikes School at the University of Nebraska. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, but knew software was going to be a part of it. After hearing from a friend that I should talk to David Graff about helping test software at the company he and two other Raikes grads had recently founded, I sent in my resumé. My job interview was pretty great – we ate wings and drank a couple of beers while Brian Kaiser and Kyle Murphy sold me on working for Hudl. I fell in love with the job and came on full-time when I graduated in May 2008. I held the title “Client Support Engineer” for three years, balancing QA and support for our early D-I clients and pitching in with our high school support efforts. I took over as Coach Support Manager in January 2011 and have been serving as VP—Coach Relations since December 2012.

“My job is awesome – I get to work with a team of 30+ Coach Supporters, Account Managers, and our Training and Event Coordinators to make sure we’re delivering an awesome experience to our coaches on the phone, via email and in person at clinics. We have a lot of fun, and there’s nothing better than making a coach’s day.”

On a scale of 1-10, where would you rank your basketball skills? What NBA legend do you most closely resemble?
3. I’m decent when I’m close to the hoop, but after being kind of good from ages 10-14, I went through a growth spurt and by the time I started to play again, my body wasn’t sure what to do with my gangly, tarantula-like limbs. Now, I’m probably like Larry Bird or Reggie Miller. Not from a skills standpoint, but those two are the best trash talkers in NBA history. I make up for my lack of skills by getting into my opponents’ heads with a no-holds-barred trash talk approach.

What’s been the best part of planning this wedding?
Having Stephanie take care of most of it. She doesn’t get enough credit from me for spending dozens of hours making sure everything is going to be perfect. Without her, it’d be a rough show. Or we’d elope in Vegas.

What part of this weekend are you most looking forward to?
The reception. It’s going to be a big celebration, and if you know my friends (and co-workers), you know we’ve got some baller dance moves.

After all the time you’ve spent at Hudl, what’s the simplest way to describe what we do and how we do it?
We make kickass products for coaches and athletes and back it up with kickass support. How do we do it? Crystal Light Energy.

What’s your favorite Coach Support story?
There are so many to pick from, I don’t think I can choose one. I love anytime we surprise a coach. Whether it’s answering the phone at 10 p.m. on a Saturday night, fixing a problem he/she was sure we couldn’t fix, or doing something other companies wouldn’t do, I get giddy.

Recently, a position coach from the New York Jets called me, frustrated that he wasn’t able to view any film on his Mac. I walked him through the fix and he promptly let me know that “YOU A BEAST! YOU A BEAST! NO ONE CAN STOP HUDL!” It was awesome.

You’re kind of into music. What’s the most embarrassing CD you’ve ever owned?
Hanson – Middle of Nowhere. My brother Brandon and I were huge “Mmm Bop” fans back in the day.

What makes you really nervous?
Everything. I probably have an undiagnosed anxiety disorder. Public speaking, running out of gas in my car (I used to flip out when my parents’ cars would get below ¼ of a tank), the first Saturday of football season, and meeting new people all freak me out. After 27 years, I’ve gotten pretty good at hiding it.

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