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From Chemistry to Quality Assurance

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Troy’s been with Hudl since the beginning of May and we can’t imagine life without him. We’ve been busy ramping up our Club & Youth experience for the last few months, but it helps having someone around to make sure there aren’t any loose ends.

While we’re big fans of the work he’s put in, one of our favorite things about Troy is his history with our new office. What’s now “Hudl East” on 9th and P used to be a hip dance club. As luck would have it, our new “lobby” is the very spot Troy met his now-wife, Krista. Fate is real, people. The stars have aligned to bring us awesome new office space and an equally awesome quality analyst.

It doesn’t hurt that he’s always wanted to raise a family in Lincoln. He was going to end up back in the Star City, whether we wanted him or not.

“I’m originally from Lincoln. I attended elementary, junior high and high school all within a mile radius: Pershing Elementary, Mickle Middle School and Lincoln Northeast High. I spent the majority of my time playing football and dating Krista. I went on to attend UNL and graduated with a bachelor’s in biology. Krista and I got married while we were still at the University.

“After working as a chemist for 10 years, then as a quality analyst at a meat plant, I went back to school and received an associate’s degree in information technology from Kaplan. Afterward, I got into software QA at a company called Xpanxion in Kearney, Neb. Even after moving the whole family west, Lincoln still felt like home. I called some former Xpanxion friends and Sam said to come to Hudl. He’d been telling me to apply since he started here, and now I see why.

“I’m now a quality analyst for the Club & Youth squad, and my main duty is to check Rob’s excellent coding and ensure that we keep Hudl as great as it can be. Now the whole family is making the move back east. My two girls, Allison and Kara, will both attend my alma maters. Allison will be a freshman at UNL and Kara will be a freshman as Northeast.”

If you could witness any event - whether it be from the past or something that hasn’t even happened yet - what would it be?
Man landing on the moon. But only if I could be on the moon.

What do you consider your glory days? What made ‘em so great?
Playing as a starter on the football team my senior year of high school. Or the first year after each of my girls were born. It’s a tie.

What will the world be like in 2033?
Hopefully we will have hover cars that have no impact on the environment.

What’s your favorite Crayon?
Husker Red (If that is not a real color, it should be.)

What song could you listen to over and over and over?
Tough to think of a single song, but almost anything from Linkin Park or Fall Out Boy.

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