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Automatic Shortcuts in Your Basketball Video

New Hudl for Basketball

As a coach, after a tough loss, you have a pretty good idea of where your team struggled. Maybe you had a string of turnovers in the 4th quarter that cost you the game. What happened? You know the video will tell you, but it can be a chore to weed out those important moments. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Hudl let you teleport to those moments as soon you upload the video, without any upfront editing?

That’s where we’re heading with our latest improvements to the basketball product.

It Starts with Tagging a Game

We think teams should make a small resource investment during the game to save themselves hours afterwards. Don’t worry, our tagging app is easy for anyone familiar with the rules of basketball to pick up on the first try. This early video shows the basic mechanics. There’s still a ton we’ll do to improve it over the next few months:

Basically, our app lets you keep track of the events as they happen on the court. Then, Hudl’s algorithms automatically match up that data with the game video from Hudl Mercury.

Browse Your Shortcuts

That small investment during the game will pay off later when you pull up the video on your iPad. Within a game video, you can shortcut your way through the tags that were made earlier. They appear as blue tick marks in the timeline so you can find clusters of turnovers in the 4th quarter, or a string of missed baskets out of the gate, in no time at all.

It’s like having an assistant give you a big head start on your post-game analysis.

“What if I can’t find someone to tag my games?”

I’d challenge you on that. The app really is easy enough for anyone to use with little or no practice. A student manager, injured freshman, or a parent you trust will make it look easy (because it is). If you’re intimidated by other stats or tagging apps you’ve used in the past, you shouldn’t be.

If you really don’t have the resources on your team, you’ll still be able to bookmark important moments on the video, after the game. Regardless, all of the other core improvements we’ve made to basketball video playback will still be a boon for you.

“What about season stats for the team, or individual game stats?”

That’s what Part 4 is all about. We’ll get you all of that information next week, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, check out my previous posts—Part 1: No More Five-Minute Clips and Part 2: Buttery-Smooth Playback.

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