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Android, We Still Love You

Android Mobile Capture Hudl

You can’t take a camera everywhere you go. It’s just not logical. But you do usually have your phone. Now you can use your Android mobile device to capture video anytime, anywhere. Don’t worry about having a network connection: You can record until your heart’s content and upload hours, days, even weeks later. However long you need to find Wi-Fi.

Mobile Capture is perfect for individual sports like wrestling, swimming, and track and field. You can record an athlete’s entire event and walk them through the highs and lows right on your device as soon as it’s over.

With football, basketball and soccer, use Mobile Capture to record drills or run-throughs and correct mistakes as they happen. Show them exactly what’s wrong in that moment and nip bad form in the bud.

Did we mention you can upload everything right to Hudl.com without ever connecting to a computer? As long as the clips are recorded with the Hudl app, you can send them to any spot in your library right from your mobile device.

Ready to get started? We figured as much. Check out the tutorial and capture away.

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