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We Want Playbook to be Perfect

I screwed up. I got anxious and jumped the gun announcing our plans to introduce a Hudl playbook. We heard from a lot of coaches who love Hudl’s Practice Scripts and couldn’t wait to provide a full playbook feature within Hudl. We can’t wait to see it happen. It just won’t be this season.

We’ve built (and scrapped) a crazy number of prototypes because we really want to make sure we get it right. We want this to be the last playbook you ever build – literally. That is the rally cry for our team: Once you’ve built your Hudl Playbook, it goes where you go, from now until the end of time.

But we just settled on a prototype we like (and hope you’ll like, as well) and in-house testing is just beginning. Many of you who attended the Hudl Up Tour saw some mock-ups, and I can promise you that once it is released, it will live up to its full billing.

We plan on releasing the beta around the time football season kicks off. We know that is not ideal timing, but we want to get something in your hands this year. It will be a free preview, similar to Practice Scripts last season. What we want is for you to really put Playbook to the test by using it to build your weekly installs this season. That way we know what’s good and bad before the full release in 2014.

I’m sorry to anyone who was planning to go all in with Playbook this season. We don’t want to release it early and have an average product that you won’t enjoy right from the start. The quality of the feature itself is key to the overall experience. Even when we do release the beta, Playbook will still be a little raw. Like every aspect of Hudl, we’ll be working to constantly improve it as feedback flows in and it gets actual usage.

Over the summer, watch for updates on Facebook, Twitter and our blog – we’ll open up opportunities for waves of 100 coaches to join our elite test group and really put Playbook through the wringer.

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