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View and Share Highlights in iOS

Hudl Athlete Mobile

As an athlete, you can already use your iPhone or iPod Touch to tag highlights as you’re watching full game film. Pretty great, right?

So why shouldn’t you be able to view and share the fruits of your labor within that very app? Well, now you can.

With our latest update to Hudl for iOS, you can view game highlights, Premium Highlights and Top Plays right in the app - even if your team’s highlights are private.

Bonus: You can also choose to text, email, Facebook or Tweet the link to whatever highlight you’re viewing. If your team’s highlights are private, we’ll give you the heads-up that the shared link might not work for everyone.

The update applies to all athletes in all sports. Coaches do not have the ability to view and share. They get their own fun stuff like Mobile Capture and Tag a Game.

Want to know more? Maybe see it in action? Check out the tutorial and get those burning questions answered.

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