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The Laser Pointer You'll Never Lose

Laser pointer

Do you have an iPad? Does it have the Hudl app? Do you use that app to review film with coaches and players? If you answered yes to all of the above, we have an update you’ll love: Laser Pointer for iPad.

This isn’t the laser pointer you’re used to. In fact, you’ve had this laser pointer your whole life - you just didn’t know it.

With Laser Pointer for iPad, your finger does the drawing.

We know coaches love using a larger second screen for presenting in team meetings and at clinics. You don’t have to deal with playback controls or the seek bar - just show the audience the video. It’s all they need to see.

With Laser Pointer, you can draw anything on your iPad, and see it reflected on the larger screen. Use it to walk through formations and key plays, point out a missed block or a wide open receiver, or press and hold for a spot shadow to call out individual athletes - whether they did something commendable or punishable, we can’t say for sure.

laser pointer example

The Laser Pointer for iPad works best when you connect to the second screen via HDMI. Apple TV works, too.

Ready to give it a shot? Check out the tutorial for steps on getting connected to your second screen.

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