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Tackling the Other F-Word

Kearney football

Fundraising. It’s never fun, it’s always time-consuming, and it rarely gives you the funds you really need. So we’re pretty happy to announce that your days of selling cookie dough, wrapping paper and magazine subscriptions are over. It’s time to give your team’s supporters something they actually want: Hudl Insider Accounts.

With Hudl Insider Accounts, parents, alumni and fans pay for access to your team’s game film.

That might sound a little scary, but here’s the deal: you choose who receives an invite, how much they pay, and what video they see.

Have game film from 10, 20, 30 years ago? Perfect. You can invite alumni to create Insider Accounts and relive their glory days. Grandma and Grandpa three states over can watch every Friday night match-up as soon as you upload and share. Create a pump-up video before a big road game to get parents and fans excited for the trip.

How Insider Accounts help your team is totally up to you. Just get the names and email addresses of whoever you’d like to invite, set the annual price (minimum $25), and track the status of those invites. Use collected funds to pay for Hudl or cash out at any time and we’ll send you a check.

Getting the money is fun, but we like to think setting it up is just as awesome. Pick your school colors, tell us about your mascot, and upload an image to represent your team through the Insider sign-up process. Once you’re done customizing, we’ll give you a checklist of who you might want to invite. Again, it’s totally up to you, but we like to lend a hand in case you forget anyone.

It’s never too early to get started adding Insiders. Try turning them on now and share some offseason drills to get everyone excited for the fall. Just log in to your Hudl account and head to the Fundraising page.

For more info and to hear from coaches who are already on the Insider Accounts bandwagon, check out hudl.com/insiders.

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