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From Bacon to Fundraising

Hudl JP

John Prauner has been part of the business development team for about five months now. He hopped on board in December as the brains of our new fundraising operation, and it would be hard to deny the impact he’s made. Our Insider Accounts are in full swing and Campaigns are on the horizon. JP is more excited than anyone.

Which is great, because the only reason we hired him in the first place was to keep his younger brothers, Seth and Todd, in line. It’s nice to see everyone coming out on top.

Especially considering John was previously employed at a bacon factory, and you can’t beat bacon. You just can’t.

“I grew up in Omaha with two younger brothers (you may have talked to them if you’ve called Hudl Support) and one younger sister. I went to Burke High School where I played tennis, which gets no respect from that other fall sport.

“I met my wife, Diana, during our freshman year at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I graduated in 2003 with a degree in industrial engineering and spent nine years in the meat industry, finding ways to make bacon more efficiently.

“We now live in Omaha and have a 9-month-old son, Reed. My interests include cars, electronics, Las Vegas (though I rarely gamble), 80s cover bands, vintage Nebraska t-shirts, and finding ways to be thrifty.”

One thing that makes Hudl different (for better or worse) from past jobs. My daily wardrobe now consists of jeans/shorts and dozens of $5 t-shirts. That’s a win for my morning routine and budget!

Who’s your favorite historic figure? Ronald Reagan. He “outlawed Russia forever”, told Gorbachev to tear down that wall, deployed Star Wars (no, the other Star Wars), and inspired the blueberry Jelly Belly.

What fashion trend do you wish you’d just ignored altogether? How about a trend I wish would come back? Sansabelts. The casual side of the clothing industry is trending towards spandex, Dri-Fit and generally more elastic and comfortable clothes, but the formal side is being left behind. I feel like Sansabelts are poised for a comeback.

If you could blow all of your money on one thing, what would you buy? A Dodge Tomahawk. It’s basically a Viper V-10 engine mounted between two wheels - probably the most outrageous vehicle ever produced. Its capabilities are purely theoretical, because no one has been crazy enough to test them.

Are you an emotional person? What’s your most emotional moment? No, but I’ll make an exception for Nebraska basketball’s first national title. Yes, that will happen in my lifetime.

What’s the one law you would change in the city of Omaha? Downtown Omaha recently implemented “back-in only” angled street parking. What purpose does that serve? Only confusion, if you’ve ever witnessed it. Note: JP lives in Omaha and commutes to the Hudl office in Lincoln every day.

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