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Allie Bit My Finger

Allie H

Allie Harman joined the Hudl team in January 2011 as a member of our Internal Sales team that doesn’t go by ‘Internal Sales’ anymore. (We like to change titles pretty regularly. Don’t worry about it.)

Now, she’s part of the business development team and number one baller in Hudl for Club & Youth. Ask her about our new Basic and Elite packages and you’ll be amazed by how good she is at her job.

Outside the office walls, Allie is doing something Husker-y. Whether it’s attending a game or just wearing one of her million Nebraska pullovers, the girl bleeds Husker red. And I mean that literally - she cut her finger earlier this week and I saw it. Sorry if you’re squeamish, we’ll get to the good stuff:

“I was born and raised in Nebraska, originally from Omaha. I have one older sister, whom I spent most of my childhood trying to persuade to quit reading books and play games with me. Needless to say I played a lot of board games solo.

“Growing up, my free time was pretty much consumed with select softball, but I also took dance classes. My family loves rollercoasters, so we planned most of our family trips to theme parks around the country. We are also die-hard Husker fans, so every football Saturday we were either at Memorial Stadium or hosting watch parties. My love of sports and excitement eventually landed me a job at Hudl, after finishing a few degrees at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

“I’m pretty easygoing, but there’s one thing I’m absolutely terrified by: spiders. And no, fellow Hudlies, that is not an open invitation to start playing practical jokes on me. It’s not funny and you will be sorry. When I’m not helping club & youth coaches discover the benefits of Hudl, I work for a local nonprofit foundation, Creating Captains.”

Has anyone said you remind them of someone famous?
Yes - Daryl Hannah in Splash. I think it was just because she had blonde, curly hair in that movie. It’s pretty much the only thing people recognize me for. If Santa wore a blonde, curly wig this year, I’m sure someone would ask why I was running around in a red velvet suit.

Do you have OCD? Or just go with the flow?
Hmm, maybe not to the extreme, but I think everyone has a little OCD in them. I’m not a clean freak, but I have some tendencies. Whenever I get on or off a plane, I always step with my right foot first. I lock my front door and always double-check that it’s locked. So I suppose I have a little OCD, yes.

If you could be anyone for one day, who would you be?
Good question. Probably Tom Osborne. Coming from Nebraska and growing up in the household that I did, it’s almost like being God.

Give me two truths and a lie:

  • I once ran face-first into a sliding glass door (it was really clean).
  • I have a passion for all things cooking – especially baking.
  • I’ve met Will Ferrell in person. I was so starstruck I only managed to offer him a slice of cold pizza.

Is there a YouTube video that’s guaranteed to make you laugh?
Charlie Bit My Finger’. With their English accents, it never gets old. I actually quoted it earlier this week when I accidentally cut my finger.

Favorite thing about Hudl.
My favorite thing about Hudl is when a coach realizes how much impact Hudl can have on his or her team. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping someone save time and be a better coach at the same time. It’s so exciting to help them solve their problems using Hudl.

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