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A Wife Swap Not Involving Wives

Think of it as a life swap, but not really a swap: We want a coach to visit us at the Hudl office and dig in with our product team. On top of that, we want to visit a team at some point in-season to see how Hudl fits into their daily operations.

Note: We’re not saying the coach who visits Hudl has to coach the team we’ll visit later this year - volunteering for one does not automatically qualify you for the other. Just sign up for whatever you’re most comfortable with. (If that means doing both, by all means, please do.)

Highlights for the visiting coach:

  • Get a head start working with our newest features.
  • Give honest feedback on product designs and be our go-to for user experience questions.
  • Get a glimpse at how we make product decisions and plan the development of a given feature.
  • Free lunch and dinner!
  • Free lodging for the duration of your visit.
  • More Hudl swag than you can handle.

We’re looking to host one or two coaches for a three-day period in June. Keep in mind, we’re asking the selected coaches to cover their own travel expenses.

Tidbits about joining your team this season:

  • We’re looking for full access to facilities and events over the course of the weekend, including the pressbox, sideline, coaches meetings, pregame and halftime sessions, etc.
  • We promise to keep everything we see/hear/discuss confidential. We also promise to be quiet as church mice while observing your team in action.
  • We aren’t hanging out to do your work for you, just to learn and observe your process - even if it means staying up until 2 a.m. and attending a 7 a.m. coaches meeting.
  • We’ll bring members of our Coach Relations and Development teams who can handle any of your technical troubles in-person. We’ll also be happy to answer general Hudl questions all weekend.
  • Your coaches and players will be showered with swag.

If you wouldn’t mind four or five Hudlies coming in on a Friday afternoon and leaving Monday evening, let us know. We’ll cover the cost of our whole trip.

If you have any questions about either side of the pseudo-swap, get at us. We’re happy to provide all the details you desire.

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