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You Should Poke Tom

Hudl Tom

Coach Support Specialist Tom Grant joined the Hudl team in January 2013 and has been crushing it in his first few months. He hit the ground running and we haven’t really been able to contain him since he was released from New Hire Training.

Whether he’s handling remote sessions or fielding calls, the dude makes a mission of helping coaches win.

When he’s not busy at the office, he’s watching or listening to any game in progress. He has a favorite team for almost every sport and plenty of favorite athletes whom he’d love to talk about whenever you get a minute. Until then, he’ll fill you in on life and stuff:

“I grew up in Omaha, Neb. and graduated from the University of Nebraska in 2012. I’ve always been a huge fan of sports and am most loyal to the St. Louis Blues, Green Bay Packers and Manchester City.

“I played baseball at Creighton Prep, where I proudly began the tradition of forming an orchestra in the dugout much like that musical called ‘Stomp’. To this day, that is one of my prouder moments in life, if not the proudest.

“Beyond that, I’m also proud to say I once worked at a dog grooming and boutique store called Pucci’s, where I learned a lot, like how to handle a dog owner who thinks their animal is an actual human being with opposable thumbs.”

Who’s your hero?
Samuel L. Jackson because he mastered the concept of taking a terrible script and making it worthy of Academy Award status. (e.g. Snakes on a Plane)

Are you into online shopping? Or shopping in general?
I’ve never been a big fan of online shopping until recently. I kind of went crazy and bought three different pairs of shoes. I got a pair of golf shoes even though I only played three times last summer, and some workout shoes even though I haven’t worked out in about two years. But they look really cool.

Do you like yourself?
Yes, I do.

Are you a healthy eater? What are your opinions on fast food?
No, I am not. I love Taco Bell and Dairy Queen so I’m a huge supporter of fast food in general. And please, save me the horse meat comments. If what I’m tasting in a Taco Bell taco is horse meat, then count me all in on horse meat.

What is the point of poking someone on Facebook?
To annoy them. There is no other answer to this question.

What’s been the most intriguing thing about Hudl? What baffles you about this place?
The most intriguing part of Hudl is without a doubt the laid-back atmosphere that everyone creates while keeping the work pace up. It’s been an absolutely great experience and I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the team. The only thing that baffles me is the people who chose to take a stand-up desk instead of a nice, comfy, sit-down spot. That makes zero sense to me. Especially because they spend half the day sitting down anyway, just higher up in the air.

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