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Toby Schroder Knows Design

Toby S

Toby Schroder is a product designer with a year or ten of experience. At one point, he ran his own design firm just across the street from where he’s working now. You know, in the Haymarket. In Lincoln. Across from 8th and P Streets.

Anyway, he gets things done and we love him for it, but when he’s not busy making Hudl look awesome, he’s spending time with his wife and kids. You should ask to see pictures of his kids. Really. Most of the time people just shove them in your face and you’re all like, “Seriously, your child looks like every other one I’ve seen.” But the Schroders know how to do Halloween. That’s all I’ll say.

“I was born and raised in Lincoln, Neb. I graduated from Lincoln High in 1996. Wrestling became my sport of choice in sixth grade and that along with the typical house parties and general tomfoolery consumed my free time. Over the years, I competed in every year’s state tournament and a handful of national tournaments and got to represent Nebraska on the Junior National Team.

“After high school I bounced in and out of school for design and computer science while working in the IT/networking field. I eventually found myself at a mid-sized software firm in Denver and realized the end of the career path I was on wasn’t somewhere I wanted to end up. I moved back to my hometown, started my own design firm and finished my design degree at Doane College. I ran my own business for about five years.

“In 2011 I decided to split off and go back out on my own. I freelanced for a year until I decided to check out Hudl at the first UX meetup and the rest is pretty obvious. I now live in south Lincoln with my lovely wife and two strapping lads: Jack, who’s nearly two and Cole who’s six - and two beagles: Bailey and Rufus. These days I split my time between spending time with my family and trying like crazy to become one of the best product designers in the country.”

Any guilty pleasures? Don’t hold out on me.
An evening with nobody. Just peace and quiet.

Your house is on fire, what three things do you grab before leaving? (Loved ones and gadgets exempt)
Okay, but you have to preface it with the fact that I would grab my wife, kids and beagles first.

  • The cribbage board and card deck left to me by my father
  • My wedding ring
  • The ring my mother gave me for college graduation, crafted from a tie tack my father used to wear.

If you could become fluent in any language, what would you choose? Why?
German. I took three years of Chinese in high school and it was rad, but I’ve traced my family tree back to Germany and would love to go there someday to find distant relatives.

If you could become a crime-fighting duo with any celebrity, who would you choose? In ‘good cop, bad cop’ which would you be?
Nathan Fillion. I’m always the good guy.

Favorite thing about Hudl. Just in general.
Everyone says the people they work with - and that’s true and awesome - but I feel the need to say something different: the challenge. I came to Hudl to be challenged and grow as a designer, and it’s proved a great choice.

Anything else you’re just dying to share with the world?
Andy and I started cranking Levi’s stand-up desk higher by a half turn each day in the hopes he would begin to think he’s getting shorter.

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