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The Hudl App for Windows 8

Windows 8 joins the ranks of iOS and Android in the “devices with a Hudl app” club. We’re excited to announce that after countless hours of hard work by seven University of Nebraska students, the Windows 8 app is officially available for download.

Install the free Hudl app on your Windows 8 tablet or computer and you can watch your Hudl video anytime, anywhere.

Hudl for Windows 8 has the same features as our Android app:

  • Browse the library to find any game from any season of any team you’re a part of on Hudl.com.
  • Download playlists to view later when you may not have a 3G, 4G or WiFi connecti.
  • View only the plays that matter to you by filtering with data entered on Hudl.com.

Windows 8 app

Computers and laptops running Windows 8 support Silverlight, so watching video on Hudl.com isn’t a problem. However, we suggest installing the app just so you can download playlists for offline viewing.

Any questions about installing the app and seeing what it can do? The tutorial should help!

On a Windows 8 machine as we speak? Download now.

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