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Playing for Keeps(akes)

If you have a Hudl account, there’s a very good chance you have a highlight reel. If you don’t, just know that it’s never been easier to tag your best plays and create a Premium Highlight perfect for sharing.

Come on, you’re pretty awesome. Why not showcase those skills and spread the love all over social media? While you’re at it, you should order hard copies, too.

The Internet might not be around forever (that’s a giant ‘might’, I know) and it never hurts to have a backup of your greatness. Especially when your kids and grandkids will want nothing more than to join you in reliving the glory days.

After you mark highlights in the iOS app or your Hudl.com library, create a Premium Highlight reel complete with your own music and spot shadows. Make as many reels as you’d like (maybe one for each season?) and order a DVD or downloadable copy right from your My Highlights page. DVDs are only $25, or you can receive a $9 download right to your email in a fraction of the time.

While having hard copies is a bonus, the best part of ordering a highlight is that a portion of your purchase goes back to the team. As long as Coach has Fundraising turned on, every DVD and download order acts as a donation. Raising money to pay for a Hudl subscription, new helmets, or a bus to team camp only takes a couple of clicks.

Questions? Feel free to email or Tweet us!

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