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March in Support: Anything but Madness

Hudl Support

Even though March traditionally corresponds with madness in the world of sports, it was pretty calm for our Support team. In fact, in terms of calls, it was our slowest month in almost two years! It was also the first month we’ve had more emails than phone calls since… well… ever.

We appreciate all of you spreading the love in so many different ways. Here are the stats for you:

  • We took only 3,450 calls in March. That’s the least we’ve taken in a month since June 2011. On average, that’s about 165 calls per business day. It would’ve taken four Marches to match the number of calls that we took in August of last year. Luckily, that gave us time to get the Hudl Up Tour fully planned, among other things.
  • Since the number of calls was so low, our average hold time was only 35 seconds. We haven’t been that low since last summer.
  • March brought us 3,644 emails and 919 chats. As mentioned before, it’s the first time we’ve ever had a month with more emails than phone calls. We love to hear your voices while solving your problems, but we suppose emails will work, too.
  • We set up just 542 remotes last month. Good to know we were all on the same pages, watching basketball almost all day, every day.

Our surveys were pretty good during March, as well. Of the 741 responses we received:

  • 717 (96.8%) said their experience was awesome.
  • 737 (99.5%) said they would hire the support rep they worked with.

We’ve got a few months left before the craziness of football starts up again, so let us know what we can do to make sure you’re all set when camp rolls around. And no, we still don’t have any players that can block/run/pass/catch/kick for you. Except for maybe this guy.

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