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Tyler Bell-Krzyzewski


In honor of the glorious return of March Madness, we turned to one of our biggest basketball fans for Hudlie of the Week.

Tyler Bell joined Coach Support in June 2012 and we knew he was trouble from the start. With fake screen names and scary Photoshop skills, he quickly earned the title of office prankster.

Tyler switched roles late last year and now spends his day as an account manager. All that really means is his list of targets has grown. Nobody is safe.

“I’m a born and raised Lincolnite and grew up loving every minute of it, mostly because I could attend Husker football games with my dad. For fun, I’ve always liked going out and playing sports with friends - I ended up playing football and basketball in high school.

“I am also a big Nebrasketball fan and super pumped for what Timmy Miles is doing with the program right now. I have an awesome sister who went to Friends University - believe it or not, that is a real school. My mom retired from teaching a few years ago, so now we hangout all the time.”

How many brackets have you filled out? Any winners besides Duke?
I only did two this year. Ha, anyone besides Duke? No, I am trying to win these pools. If you picked Louisville you might want to check the box scores from Nov. 24, 2012.

Why do you like Duke?
I coached high school football for a year and hope to again, so I like a lot of teams based on their coaches. For my money, Coach K is the best ever in college basketball for a lot of reasons (John Wooden fans will blast me for that statement). #954andKounting

Favorite office prank to date.
The bathroom here has no windows and one night when it was slow, Mike Hays was in one of the stalls. I felt the urge to turn the lights off when I left. That one made me laugh pretty hard.

You’re engaged. What’s your idea of romance?
Well, now that we are in our 15th month of being engaged, we like to keep the fire burning with a nice trip to McDonald’s. I let her pick as many things off the dollar menu as she wants. She loves when I flash all my cash.

If you weren’t working at Hudl, what would you be doing with your life?
I turned down a tryout with the Miami Heat to accept my spot here, so I would probably be playing second fiddle to LeBron down in South Beach. Luckily for DWade and Bosh, I wanted to keep my talents in Lincoln.

Comments, questions, concerns?
I will give a quick shoutout to my fiancée; she picked Harvard to beat New Mexico in the second round, even though I tried a couple of times to convince her it was a bad pick. She’s now killing me in our brackets.

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