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Mike Williams May Very Well be Thor

Mike Williams

Mike Williams joined the Hudl team in June of 2012 and we’ve been big fans from the start. As a product designer, it’s Mike’s job to design experiences and interfaces for Hudl products and features. He makes Hudl look good.

One thing you should know about Mike, he likes superheroes. We won’t get into it, but he made a replica of Mjolnir for the Hudl office. You can try to find it here.

Mike works remotely in California, but we really wish he lived closer, mostly because when he’s in and out of the office it’s hard to get used to his 6-foot-9 frame.

“I grew up on the Jersey shore - not THE Jersey Shore of MTV fame, but down the shore, as we would say.

“I spent my childhood playing sports and going to the beach with my parents and my older brother. Most of my time was spent relearning to run in a straight line every time I would grow six inches taller. At one point I grew an inch taller every two weeks over the course of a summer.

“After graduating high school, where I was the captain of the basketball and track teams, I went to Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. I gave up on basketball, but kept up with track. I moved to NYC when I graduated and lived there for 12 years. Now my girlfriend and I live in San Diego.”

Let’s start strong: Do you have an embarrassing story you’d like to share?
I sucked my thumb religiously until well into grade school, possibly middle school. The habit forced me to get braces eventually.

What’s your favorite part of your role at Hudl?
Finding solutions for our coaches. Really finding out what does not work for coaches and designing something that does.

If you could create any hybrid animal, what two species would you combine?
Whatever I could do to breed mini English Bulldogs. I’m talking mini mini here. Guinea pig-sized little blobs of wrinkly bulldog. Like a chihuahua but not, y’know, ugly and annoying and pointless.

If you could trade lives with a celebrity or character, who would you choose and why?
If we’re talking characters here, that could mean superheroes and that is a completely separate discussion. Let’s just say I want all the powers. If we’re talking real(ish) people or characters, I’d go with just about any derivative of Sherlock Holmes. I would love to be impossibly insightful and deductive.

If you could change what the United States uses as currency, what would you choose?
I wouldn’t change the US currency, I would change its denominations. If I may quote John Green of Vlog Brothers fame, pennies are “disgusting, bacteria-ridden discs of suck that fail to facilitate commerce.” I would get rid of all pennies. Everywhere.

How do you feel about the snow in Nebraska?
I recently moved to San Diego where it’s 72 degrees and sunny 330 days a year. How do you think I feel about the snow in Nebraska?

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