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Lyndsey Howe IS Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Lyndsey H

Lyndsey’s been a member of the Hudl Sales Team for exactly two years and one month. The tricky part is that she spends more time on the road than in the actual office - she’s been in Nebraska a total of 20 days in 2013.

The girl may as well become a pilot and fly herself, she travels so much.

But that’s not why we like Lyndsey. She gets stuff done and doesn’t let anything get in her way - unless it’s pollen season. She can take on a room full of the toughest coaches without breaking a sweat; but throw some flowers in her face and she’s completely incapacitated.

“I grew up in Omaha and attended the University of Nebraska. I am a travel junkie and on a mission to hit all 50 states. Right now I am at 43.

“Post college, I worked for a railroad as an analyst and in sales before coming to Hudl.

“I hate getting dirty and have a ton of annoying allergies so most sports are off limits.”

Craziest travel story?
My nickname in the office is travel demon. I am always looking for travel companions to experience the misery of delays, cancellations, lost bags, crazy passengers, etc. Two weeks ago on my way home from DC, I showed up at the wrong airport, took a cab across the city, showed up at the correct airport 8 minutes before takeoff and somehow made it. It’s possible my travel karma is changing.

What did you always ask for when it came time for Birthday/Christmas lists growing up?
Barbie is my girl. We had the Dream House, car and a horse.

Do you prefer to cook at home or dine out? What’s your go-to meal?
I am a foodie and on the road constantly. I use an app called LocalEats so that I can get a taste of local fare. Right now I have been on a raw oyster binge.

What’s your favorite part of your role at Hudl?
In sales, I get to see all of the interesting uses of Hudl. It’s crazy to see how Hudl has evolved and been useful for teams we never imagined like equestrian, water polo, sailing, Nascar, classroom evaluations, etc. It has been amazing to see Hudl spread overseas. It blows my mind when a team in Japan starts using Hudl for their program.

Any deep, dark secrets? Don’t hold out on me.
I have all of my online shopping packages shipped to work so that my husband doesn’t notice.

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