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L is for the Way You Love Hudl

Hudl Gries

Love was certainly in the air for our Coach Relations team in February. We had our slowest month since June 2012, which allowed us to send a ton of Hudlies from our team out to clinics around the country to spread the Hudl love.

It also gave some of us the chance to test our athletic abilities. Take a look at these numbers:

  • We took 4,629 calls during the shortened month. That’s over 1,000 less than we took in January, but still a 10% increase over what we did in February 2012. Our calls per day dropped from 260 last month to 231 in February. That gave us time to do this.
  • The average hold time for the month was just 43 seconds. Even though “Back in Black” is a great song, we don’t want you to hear too much of it.
  • During February, we also responded to 4,146 emails and 602 chats. Those numbers are smaller than January as well, corresponding with the drop in phone calls.
  • We set up 744 remote sessions, which hopefully means more of the questions we’re getting are “how-to” in nature, instead of “it’s not working”.

Coaches returned the love with our surveys during February too. Of the 833:

  • 806 (96.8%) said their experience was Awesome. This includes one week where we were over 99% Awesome, a feat we hadn’t accomplished yet.
  • 829 (99.5%) said they would hire the support rep they worked with.

By now, you know we shoot for perfection. Let us know what we can do to make your experience with Hudl as smooth as possible. That’s what we’re here for!

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