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Ryan the Diva Likes Even Numbers and Mild Temps

Hudl Stubbe

You’ll never hear another Hudlie call Ryan Stubbe by his first name. He’s just Stubbe (pronounced stoo-bee).

Stubbe started at Hudl in September of 2011 as a Coach Support Specialist. That winter, he moved to Account Management and just last fall, he became one of our internal sales representatives.

The man can’t be contained.

More often than not, he’s the butt of office jokes, but it’s all said and done out of love. Once you see what he has to say for himself, you’ll see exactly where we’re coming from:

“I am originally from Omaha, Neb. but we moved to Papillion when I was 12 years old and I have been there ever since. I graduated from Papillion La-Vista High School in 2005. I started high school playing both basketball and baseball, but decided to focus on just basketball during my junior and senior years.

“I spent one year at Nebraska Wesleyan in Lincoln playing basketball and finished up at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in December of 2009. I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in business administration with an emphasis in business finance, finance and banking, and real estate and land-use economics. I am the youngest of three kids with two older sisters; one who is married with two little boys. All of my family currently resides in Omaha.”

Write a haiku about Hudl.
What is a haiku?

Have you ever stolen someone else’s food? What’s your view on food theft?
I have only done this a couple of times. I get pretty hungry during the workday. I usually go through the cabinets first, then I’ll rummage through the refrigerator for leftovers. Most of the time it is my food, but I know there have been a few times where I borrowed someone else’s for the day. I don’t think food theft is a terrible thing, especially since I take our leftovers outside to the homeless man on the bench. I feel like it evens out!

Winter or summer? Why?
I would have to say neither. I need like 60 degree weather year-round. I sweat too much during the summer, so I complain about wanting cooler weather. Once winter comes around I complain about how cold it is. So yes, I am a whiner!

How does this make you feel? What is it?
Interesting. It kind of looks like what happens after a full day of drinking protein shakes.

Rebecca Black or Carly Rae Jepsen?
I don’t know who these people are. I feel like no one knows who these two people are. Note: Literally every other Hudlie is familiar with at least one of those women.

What’s your deepest, darkest secret?
Dont’ tell anyone, but I think my OCD is getting worse. When I’m in the car or at home, any numbers that I can control, such as temperature and volume, have to be set to even numbers.

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