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Pay Attention to Your Passing Game

NFA Passing

It’s time to give your quarterback the attention he deserves. This is the perfect opportunity to apply your improved, simplified attitude and increased repetitions.

Passing five times a game applies much greater pressure than passing 20 times a game. The value-per-rep and the cost of failure increases as game-time passing repetitions decrease. Too often, coaches get mad at their quarterback for making the incorrect read on a play, but they only practiced the play seven times that week. When the repetition is reduced, success becomes scarce.

Optimize your QB play with more passing in practice and during games. Interceptions will happen, but that is part of the process; without failure, there is no learning.

For youth, freshman, and JV football, taking a developmental perspective rather than a performance-based approach will always be difficult but worth the effort. Doing what’s best for the young men instead of what you think will get the win pays off in the long run with better players and more wins when they count.

Consider the following for improving your QB and passing game:

  • Give QBs time with receivers and backs to develop timing and consistency.
  • Spacing is everything, don’t just randomly line up at practice.
  • Your WRs and RBs must run all of their routes the same each time. Try using landmark yards and steps as a guide for improvement.
  • To be effective in an option-based/run-read offense, have a simplified and well-coached passing attack.
  • Switching to a spread formation just to pass the football will make your team predictable for the defense.
  • Ensure your staff has a clear understanding of defensive coverages and the ability to identify strengths and weaknesses.
  • Quick game can never be drilled too often.
  • You do not need a fast, elusive quarterback to be successful, just one that understands what you want to accomplish and can identify pressure and where it’s coming from.
  • Adapt to your personnel, but don’t make it an excuse.
  • Confidence is everything for a quarterback. Work to improve confidence rather than destroy it.
  • Remove the headset and get into the helmet, put yourself in the QB’s shoes.

Do any of these concepts seem foreign? Please reach out to us at 925.855.9376 or email us at nfacoach@gmail.com. We at NFA are here to help you maximize your QB performance with coaching advice and specially designed camps for your athlete. This summer, NFA will be holding 50 intense development camps, as well as giving athletes the chance to qualify for the Future All American Bowl. Learn more.

Will Hewlett serves as the Director of Player Development for NFA and is the lead coach for elite players at NFA camps. Will regularly works with quarterbacks in the SEC, Big Ten, ACC and Pac-12 as a private quarterback coach and has been a guest coach at the Nike Elite 11. Will is a nationally recognized speaker on the Glazier Clinics tour for the past three years, and is regarded as one of the top throwing mechanics coaches in the country.

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