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Meet Daniel, the Anti-Kansas Kansan

Daniel M

Daniel Mickells joined the Hudl team in May of 2011 as a Coach Support Specialist and worked his way into account management later that year.

Daniel is more of the strong silent type. He doesn’t say much, but when he does, it’s worth hearing - mostly because he’s too sarcastic for his own good.

Aside from that, he’s known around the office for his panhandling. Really, swing by his desk at Hudl headquarters and you’ll see signs asking for your change. It’s just a Halloween bit that’s gotten out of control, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves:

“I grew up in Overland Park, Kan. which is a suburb of Kansas City. I’ve been a life-long Husker fan since my parents graduated from Nebraska. Living in the KC area meant that my childhood revolved around putting up with obnoxious Kansas, Kansas State, and Missouri fans.

“For fun, I cheered my heart out for the Royals and Chiefs, even though they have been constantly disappointing my entire life. I played soccer in high school and was even an all-state selection as a goalie my sophomore year. Other Hudlies who play on my indoor soccer team probably don’t believe that since I’ve been so awful in our games lately, but here is the proof.

“I went to UNL, and after five years, graduated with degrees in accounting and broadcast journalism, neither of which I’m using today. I started at Hudl about a month after graduation and here I am almost two years later.”

You know a lot of things. Give me a piece of trivia that you’re pretty sure very few people know.
Oscar Roberston is the only NBA player to average a triple-double for an entire season. However, no one ever seems to bring him up when talking about the best basketball player ever. It’s always about MJ, Bird, Magic, or some guy named LeBron. Another fun fact, Kansas State has never won a national championship in any sport, ever.

If you could have an alter-ego, what would their name be? What’s their personality? When would they come out?
I already have one. His name is Edgar. He is extremely straightforward, never sarcastic. He comes out when I’m sleeping. Yup, you read that right. When I dream, I’m actually a guy named Edgar. It’s weird. I demand a lot of sugar water in my dreams.

If you could choose between surviving a hurricane, tornado, or blizzard, which would you choose? How would you survive?
That’s easy - a blizzard. Have you seen the destruction the other two can do? Snow eventually melts. How would I survive? Alcohol, non-perishable food, movies, and video games just like everyone else. Oh, and I guess some blankets and board games in case I lose power.

What’s your favorite holiday?
Halloween, because it lets you be anything you want to be without anyone judging you. I, however, may need to re-evaluate what I want to be, considering I’ve been Bert from Sesame Street, Alan from the Hangover, Super Mario, and a hobo in years past.

Any preference as to who wins an Oscar this weekend?
Zero Dark Thirty, because who doesn’t love America?

Any last words?
If a presidential candidate ever promised free bacon, they’d have my vote.

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