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Chicken Nuggets for Everyone

Tyson S

February marks Tyson Stewart’s two-year anniversary with Hudl and if there’s a better way to celebrate than making him Hudlie of the Week, well, we don’t really care.

Tyson is a DevOps Lead. He’s in charge of making sure Hudl is fast and functional and makes sure the product team can quickly crank out new features. All of this means he’s pretty smart.

So smart, in fact, that he was able to write a pretty killer haiku, but we’ll get to that in a minute:

“Until coming to Lincoln for college, the furthest I had moved was from the second story of my house in Broken Bow to a basement bedroom. I was a pretty boring teenager. My favorite way to have fun was watching movies.

“I’ve always had a thing for computers and software, though. There is virtually no limit to the possibilities! So, when I followed my sister to school at the University of Nebraska, I chose computer engineering and never looked back.”

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, what’s your favorite romantic comedy?
That’s a tougher question than you probably think because I actually like rom-coms, but one stands out from the others: Love Actually. It’s funny, charming, and happens to be the movie my wife and I watched the night we got engaged.

Are you related to the Tyson family that provides delicious frozen chicken to the meat-lovers of America?
Sadly, no. When I was little, I thought they named it after me. Then I resented them because they caused my name to be associated with chicken. But when they painted “Have you had your Tyson today?” on the sides of their delivery vehicles, they won me over. JP, our very own fundraising guru who previously worked at Tyson, got me a little plush chicken that sits on my desk at work. I’m very fond of him. The chicken, not JP. I like JP, too; but in a platonic, co-worker kind of way.

Who’s your favorite person to follow on Twitter?
@grizzlyadamson. The guy is a comic genius.

Do you know what a haiku is? Can you write one for me?
I have an inkling of haiku, but I don’t practice. I’ll try: Plastic bag opens— Before long, I have eaten all the gummy worms.

Describe one of your deskmates in five words or less. Name dropping isn’t required.
Dressing up means cowboy boots.

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