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An Athlete's Guide to Getting Recruited

Athlete Recruit

National Signing Day is a great time to congratulate the Class of 2013 on excellent high school careers and wish them well in playing at the next level.

It’s also the perfect reminder that the classes of 2014 and 2015 don’t have long before they’re the ones at the podium, announcing their school of choice.

Whether you’ve already started the recruiting process or you have yet to give it any thought, take a look at some tips we collected from college coaches across the country.

What do I need to do as an athlete or parent to help in the recruiting process?

  1. Create a Premium Highlight on Hudl.
    • Limit yourself to your best 10-15 plays. College coaches don’t have time to sit and watch 50 clips.
    • Coach: “I only want to see his best 15 plays. I can see his athleticism and speed from that.”
  2. Update contact information.
    • This includes cell phone number, email and postal address, test scores/GPA, and parents’ contact information.
    • Coach: “Having updated contact information is like gold. I know who to contact, and how to reach them.”
  3. Upload transcripts to Hudl.
    • Some coaches won’t watch film until they know players are qualified to be accepted into school.
    • Coach: “I don’t want to love a player’s film then find out that he can’t get into school. It ruins my day.”
  4. Do NOT be negative on social media.
    • Whether it’s on Facebook or Twitter, one bad comment can tab you a troublemaker. Watch what you say.

Have questions about how to get started with Premium Highlights or what to do with recruiting packages? Email us at support@hudl.com or send us a tweet @HudlSupport.

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