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Peanut Butter and Nerds, Todd Prauner's Snack of Choice

Todd P

Todd Prauner has been around. He started in Coach Support in 2010 and moved to Internal Sales a year later. After that, he was dubbed our Financial Analyst. Currently, he’s a Coach Relations Lead, but that comes after his little stint as an Account Manager.

He’s pretty much the man and he has plenty of interesting tidbits to share. He’ll take it from here:

I was born, raised, and educated in Omaha, Neb. Most of my infancy was spent being fat and helpless, which I really enjoyed. As I started growing, people expected me to move around and lift things with my arms. Moving around wasn’t so bad, but lifting was just a pain.

I didn’t anticipate that avoiding the use of my arms would lead to really horrible hand-eye coordination in high school. I was terrible at any sport that involved shooting, throwing, hitting, or kicking a ball. The only thing I could really pull off was long distance running.

I attended Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa, where I ran cross country and track for two years. Sadly, they tried to make me lift weights, so I transferred to the University of Nebraska-Omaha and started running marathons in my free time. I graduated with a degree in finance with aspirations of being the next Warren Buffett. However, instead of accumulating vast wealth in stocks, I accumulated an over-sized collection of neon running shoes. I have no regrets.

In 2010, I knew a few of the guys working at Hudl, which was a pretty small operation at the time. I applied and they hired me. Since then, we’ve grown from 17 full-time employees to over 70. It’s been an absolute thrill ride. I expect to be part of it for as long as they’ll have me (assuming they don’t make me lift weights).

What’s your earliest memory?
The earliest thing I can remember is trying to flush buckets of sand down one of the toilets in our house. I was mesmerized by the swirling water and how it consumed everything you put down it. I was also too young to understand plumbing bills, so I was never required to feel guilty about it.

What’s your spirit animal?
The formal wear horse.

What are you thoughts on peanut butter? Anything you prefer to pair it with?
Peanut butter is God’s gift to the roof of your mouth. Mix some Nerds candy in it for crunchy sweetness. #ProTip

Go on a mission and find me the most random YouTube video possible.
How about a great .gif instead?

What’s something people probably don’t know about Hudl that they certainly should?
Walkthroughs. It’s an underused tool that every coach has access to on the Library page. There’s probably no better way to coach your players on how they should be watching film.

Give me your thoughts on this product, please.
When I first saw this, I nearly went into shock. Then I saw the items under Frequently Bought Together, and my life changed forever.

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