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Hop on the Practice Scripts Bandwagon

Hudl Practice Scripts

Our Practice Scripts feature was welcomed with open arms in the fall. Next month, we’re turning it into an a la carte feature. When your next bill is due, you can pay $95 to keep the feature, or opt out and we’ll turn it off. Don’t worry, turning it off doesn’t delete anything. All of your old cards will be there if you change your mind.

If you haven’t played with Practice Scripts yet, fill out this form and we’ll turn them on. Take them for a test drive to find out what they can do for your team and make an educated decision when your next payment date comes around.

Since we released the Practice Scripts beta in August:

  • 62,637 total practice scripts have been created.
  • 897,256 total playcards have been drawn up.
  • 35,806 teams have at least one coach using Practice Scripts.

From the beginning of September to the end of October, an average of 4,315 practice scripts were created each week.

Numbers are cool and everything, but we have other motives for suggesting you start using Practice Scripts. Between now and football season, we’ll release new ways to use every formation you draw:

  • Printing. Soon, you’ll be able to print 1, 2, 4, 6, or 8 cards per page, depending on your personal preference.
  • Reports. Along with standard formation reports, you’ll have to ability to include routes and completely change the look of tendency reports.
  • Presentations. Add any play diagram you’ve already drawn to a presentation, or use the presentation builder to create a new diagram from scratch.

You can already associate any video from your library with a given play card, and sometime next month, we’ll give you the ability to shade certain players.

Long story short: Put down the pens, paper, and markers. This feature will save you time and help you stay organized throughout the season. We can’t guarantee your sanity. We don’t know what kind of players you’re dealing with.

Check out the tutorial to learn the basics, and as always, if you run into any trouble or have any suggestions, let us know here. We love hearing from you.

P.S. - We know you’re wondering about a playbook feature. It’s definitely in the works.

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