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Top Play Round Up: Our Favorite Hits

Football Hit

Last week we took a look at some pretty awesome pass plays from teams all across the country. This week we are switching it up a bit and taking a look at some monster hits. These hits might make you want to look away for a second.

Check out our Top 5 Hits this week:

  • The defense from Mill Creek (Ga.) does not like it when the other team comes across the middle. Check out this hit by safety Collins Hill.
  • Logan Diebold is trying to get Hollywood to make a sequel to The Blindside as him playing the lead. The Linebacker from Huntingdon (Tenn.) chases the quarterback down and causes the fumble.
  • Madison County (Fla.) safety, Shedrick Williams makes a quick break on the pass as the receiver slants across the middle. It’s a bang-bang play that results in a sudden change of possession.
  • Adrian Yu, Vancouver (B.C.), puts his shoulder down and delivers a vicious blow. The sideline goes crazy after Yu makes this crazy hit.
  • Check out the Top Hit of the week. Zohntai Walker, Garfield (Ohio), slips through the block and rocks the returner. Walker never loses steam as he causes the defender to lose something on this play.

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