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Nebrasketball has a Superfan. His name is Brandon Gries.

Hudl Brandon Gries

We’re taking a little break from blogging while everyone heads home for the holidays. But before we go, we’ll leave you with another Hudlie of the Week.

Brandon Gries is an Event Coordinator, a basketball fan, and a candy fiend. He’s Nebraska born and raised and would give anything to become best friends with Tim Miles.

We wish we could share the home videos from Brandon’s younger years, but his descriptive life story will have to do the trick.

“I am usually energetic and love sports, mostly basketball. Until my mid-teens, I was fully convinced I would be in the NBA. That didn’t happen, so now I hold out for being an NBA mascot, banking on my backwards half court shot to get me through tryouts (it would be great timeout entertainment). Since I failed to play in the NBA, I went to the next best thing - working in sports.

“I spent most of my childhood playing basketball and football and breaking things around the house. I enjoyed simulating the Chicago Bulls starting lineup in my bedroom (with music and flash lights) and spray painting yard lines and logos to make the Nebraska football field in the backyard. I even tied 2x4s on top of the swingset to make a goal post. In high school, I played basketball and went out for track and cross country.

“I attended the University of Nebraska, majored in journalism, and worked in the athletic department for six years before joining Hudl. Now I am the Event Coordinator. I book our clinics, travel, and arrange random fun events. I enjoy traveling, but also hanging out in Lincoln where both of my sisters live. The places I enjoy visiting the most are Chicago and Vegas.

“I am a loyal Chicago Bulls and Nebraska basketball fan, through thick and thin. I can’t wait for Pinnacle Bank Arena to open and Coach Miles to turn #Nebrasketball around – it’s going to happen, so get on the bandwagon now fair-weather fans!”

What music do you listen to during work?
Country, but I occasionally go on YouTube binges and listen to random sports stuff there.

Describe your typical breakfast.
I usually just drink an Amp in the morning. I can go for anything Dunkin’ Donuts when on the road.

Who’s your celebrity crush? What makes her so great?
Carrie Underwood. Everything.

Do you overdo a particular movie quote?
“So many activities!”

What do you hope to accomplish by the end of 2013?
Not sure. I don’t even know what I’m doing tomorrow.

Name your top five favorite athletes.
Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan in their pro careers, Tyronn Lue and Calvin Jones in college, and all the bench players from the 90s Bulls (Stacey King, Bill Wennington, Will Perdue, etc.).

“Do you like guacamole?”
No, I don’t. There’s no taste to it.

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