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Derek Jeter, Deuce McAllister, and Brianna Black

Brianna B

Believe it or not, there’s plenty of girl power in the Hudl office. While our main job is keeping the boys in line, we’ve done our fair share of supporting coaches, managing accounts, and blasting some tweets.

Brianna Black has actually done it all. She started in May with Coach Support and became an Account Manager just last month. That transition is exciting and everything, but this girl’s life is pretty interesting. Only her words can do it any justice.

“I was born in Kalamazoo, Mich. (home of Derek Jeter and Lindsay Tarpley) and raised in Lincoln, Neb. I’m the youngest of four children, but I’m sure I kept my mom the busiest with all of the sports and activities I was involved in. Throughout high school, I found my competitive nature playing softball, basketball, and soccer.

“I attended the University of Nebraska- Lincoln and was a member of Alpha Phi Sorority. After changing my major three times, I decided to study abroad in Malaga, Spain before deciding what I wanted to do with my education. Having always known I wanted three aspects in my career - business, sports, and working with people - I landed at Hudl after graduating in May.

“I credit family vacations for my love of travelling. They took me to over 25 states and 13 countries while I was growing up. My hobbies continue to grow, but travelling will always stay at the top of my list. I have the greatest dog in the world, a boxer named Deuce. I named him after Deuce McAllister, former running back for the New Orleans Saints - my favorite NFL team.”

What was your favorite Christmas gift this year?
A head lamp for camping. It’s complete with a red lens when I need to be sneaky.

What was your favorite part of 2012?
Beating the Mayans.

What’s the greatest adrenaline rush you’ve ever had?
Cliff diving in Palma de Mallorca. Me and my friends rented scooters, drove along the coast, found a cliff, and decided to jump!

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
Ummm, a lot of wood? Or 4.9 lbs.

What got you in the most trouble when you were little?
My sarcasm. Little kids don’t understand sarcasm. It still gets me in trouble to this day.

You know that 311 song “Amber”? What color is your energy?
Ultraviolet. It’s such high intensity, you can’t even see it.

If people were to know one thing about you, what would it be?
Never take anything I say seriously. Seriously.

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