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New for Basketball: New Breakdown Columns and More Detailed Tagging in Video Editor

Basketball is right around the corner and we just released a couple new features that will make your basketball data even more powerful. Both are highly requested, so we’re excited to see the impact they have on our coaches this season.

Read on to see what’s new.

New Breakdown Columns

After hearing this request from several coaches, we’ve added two new breakdown columns:

Free Throw Column

You’ll be able to add a Y for any clip that’s a free throw. If it’s not a free throw, the column will be left blank. This will give you the option to filter out all your free throw clips and view just those, or view the rest of the game without your free throws included.

Off Rebound Column

When your team takes the shot and misses, but they do some skilled boxing out and get the rebound, it’s normal to want to tag that as a change of possession. Before, we didn’t let you do that, but with the new Off Rebound Column, you’ll be able to start a new possession, but your team still has the ball.

Note: If you’re a current Hudl user, you’ll just need to click Change Columns and drag these columns into your current view if you want to add them to your breakdown columns.

Changes in Hudl Video Editor

Hudl Basketball Breakdown

Now you can easily tag your free throws in Hudl Video Editor. We’ve added a Start Free Throw button under the Offense and Defense quick breakdown buttons that you can click whenever your team or the opposing team get to the charity stripe.

We know there are a few scenarios you’ll see when a team steps up to the free throw line, so be sure to check out our tutorial to see how to best tag them.

We have more basketball changes coming down the pipe. Sign up to be part of our beta program and check out the new online basketball tools we have in the works. Your feedback is always appreciated.

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