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New: Download Your Highlights and Updates to Fundraising

It’s great to have a tangible copy of your highlights with your team name nicely printed on the top; but the reality is, sometimes you need your highlights in a hurry and don’t have time to wait for them to ship.

Now you can download your highlights directly from your team highlight page. Once you purchase a download, you’ll be able to burn your highlights onto a DVD or play directly from your computer. We hope this will save you from a few moments of pre-banquet panic this season.

Along with highlight downloads, there are some updates to DVD pricing and Fundraising you should know about:

$10 DVD Add-On

Because five is better than one and nine is better than five, now you can add additional DVDs onto your order for just $10. Your first DVD will be $25. After that, each DVD in that order is only $10.

Prices Stay the Same

Before, when you would activate Hudl Fundraising, the price of DVDs would go up to $29. We decided that price jump was just confusing. Now there’s no difference in the price to order a DVD once you activate fundraising—you’ll just start earning money back toward your invoice.

Go ahead and order DVDs and highlights to your heart’s content this season. Here’s the pricing you’ll find once you’re there:


Cost: $25 Dollars back to your team: $8

Highlight Download

Cost: $9 Dollars back to your team: $4

DVD + Highlight Download

Cost: $29 Dollars back to your team: $10

To start earning these dollars back to your team, activate Hudl Fundraising.

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