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Hudl Top Play Roundup Round III


There are only a few states left that need to determine their state champions. Even though the number of games being played has gone down, that doesn’t mean there’s a shortage of Top Plays being created. As the season comes to a close, we may dare to say the Top Plays are getting better.

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  • Reggie Gordon from Warner Robins (Ga.) takes the ball at his own five and leaves the defense in the dust. In twelve seconds flat he reaches the end zone.
  • Killingly (Conn.) makes a gutsy play call here on the seven yard line going in. Watch this old school hook and ladder run to perfection.
  • This may be one of the craziest plays we have seen this season. Anthony Johnson, South Pointe (S.C.), fools everyone into thinking he is down multiple times.
  • Bloomfield (N.J.) quarterback makes an astonishing play right here. He takes the ball from the opponents’ 13- yard line and manages to make it all the way back to their 40-yard line before launching.
  • Tee Mitchell, Bolles (Fla.), takes this pass to the promise land as time expires. With 13.2 seconds left on the game clock Mitchell applies the spin move to one defender as he enters the end zone to break the 24-24 tie and send his team to the 4A State Championship.

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