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Give Your Basketball Breakdown a Healthy Dose of Efficiency

Possession Splitter

Just in time for basketball season, we’re excited to release the new online possession splitter.

With these new tools, you’ll be able to separate your clips by offense, defense, and even cut out dead air time, all from the comfort of your Hudl library.

Here are a couple ways we see you using these new tools:

  1. Use Mercury to get your video online right after the game. Once your video is online, use the possession splitter to split your game into individual possessions.
  2. Maybe you’ve already cut your game by possession, but you receive some exchanged video that is still in five minute clips. Don’t worry about downloading and re-uploading anymore; just split the clips right from your Hudl library.

We’re slowly rolling this feature out this week. You’ll be able to use the possession splitter by Thursday, November 29.

Check out our tutorial.

See what Jake Mullins (Quality Assurance) and Abraham Chavez (Software Engineer) have to say about these new tools:

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