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Football season is winding down. Here's what that looks like for support.

Hudl Support

As we wind down our busiest support season yet, we’re beginning to enjoy a little time to breath in between calls. The calls and emails are starting to slow down, but we’re still finding ways to keep ourselves busy. Regardless, we love helping our coaches out, so don’t hesitate to call, email, or chat us if you have any questions or issues.

Here’s what the Support team did in October :

  • We fielded 10,320 calls, which is a pretty steep decline from September, but still puts us over 41,000 calls over the last 90 days.
  • We averaged 333 calls per day over the past month, making October our fifth-busiest month ever.
  • The average hold time in October was 50 seconds, which was 45 seconds less than September.
  • We took 2,264 chats (a new record for us) and 6,967 emails.
  • We set up just under 2,000 remote sessions.

Our surveys results improved a bit as well. Of the 1,343 surveys that were turned in to us:

  • 1,298 (96.6%) said their experience was awesome.
  • 1,333 (99.3%) said they would hire the support rep they talked to.

With the playoffs coming up soon (or already underway), reach out to us with any problems you encounter. Good luck to everyone! Don’t forget to holler if you need us.

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