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Five Tips for Making a Killer End-of-Season Highlight

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We are always excited to see what great accomplishments teams have had over the year, and the best way to share that is through highlights.

Hudl’s highlight tools can be used to make great banquet videos. Here are some tips to get you started. Soon you’ll be making highlight reels that will make SportsCenter jealous:

1. Pick your best plays.

The first step to making your highlight reel is to pick your best plays. Read through the steps so you know it like the back of your hand. This blog post will get you started.

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2. Get your athletes involved.

You have all the video in your library from the season, but there may be some specific plays your athletes were looking forward to reliving on banquet night. Get them involved and ask them to share clips with you to add to your video.

3. Trim your clips, add spot shadows, and throw in Some music.

The Premium Highlight Editor lets you make each clip perfect. Trim the clip so there’s no lag time and add spot shadows and music. You can choose from some of our music, or you can even add your own.

4. Add section titles.

Let fans know what’s happening in your reel by adding section title slides in between clips. You could throw a title slide in to separate your offensive and defensive clips or your JV and Varsity footage.

5. Throw in Some Celebration Footage.

Whether you had a winning season or a losing season, your team still celebrated their victories. That footage is great to tell the story of your season. This blog will show you how we recommend adding these clips.

Did you make your highlight video last minute and need a hard copy? Download your highlights from Hudl and burn your own copy of the DVD.

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