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Top Play Just Got Even Better

Top Play

Since Top Play was released, we have seen more than 3500 awesome top plays. You’ve done everything you can to make a great Top Play to feature your most awesome plays, so we wanted to help make it even better for you.

Here’s what’s new:

View on Your Mobile Device

Viewing a Top Play on your mobile device is the key to showing off the best play of your game. Now, if you go to an athlete page on your mobile device or click on the link in the Top Play notification email, you’ll be able to show off the top play to anyone around you.

Better Facebook Integration

Nothing looks sweeter than a video of the best play of the game displayed right on your Facebook page for everyone to see. Now, when you share a Top Play to your Facebook page, or copy the link and paste it on your wall, your athlete’s wall (or even better, Hudl’s wall), you’ll be able to click and watch the video right on Facebook.

We’re excited to get these changes out to you to make your Top Play experience even better. Keep making those top plays so you can have an awesome highlight reel at the end of the season.

Not sure if you’re sold on Top Play? Kyle and Rob might help convince you:

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