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Make Your Banquet Video Awesome with Celebration Footage

Football Celebration

Your video is a powerful tool. You cut, dissect, and analyze it to help your team get better during the season. It can also be a very powerful tool to tell the story of your team at your end-of-year banquet.

Footage of your athletes celebrating or getting pumped up before a game may not add much to your tendency reports, but is worth keeping around for awesome highlight videos. Here’s how you can use Hudl to store those snippets of goodness to pull out at the end of the season:

1. Upload to Hudl.com with Mercury

When you get to the Review screen after loading your video into Hudl Mercury, keep any celebration footage clips that might be great for a highlight video. These may have been clips you would have just deleted before uploading. You’ll be able to move these from your game playlist once you upload to Hudl.com.

2. Create a Banquet Video Playlist

Save a playlist specifically for celebration or pump-up footage. Once the playlist is saved, you can add more clips as you upload more video throughout the season. Here’s how to save the banquet video playlist:

  1. Select the checkbox beside the clips you want to add to your banquet video folder.
  2. Click Save Playlist in the orange bar above your clip data.
  3. Rename your playlist by typing in the Name box and click choose a different category.
  4. In the first column, choose the season you want the video to show up in. In the second column, choose Other Items, in the third column, choose Misc.
  5. Click Save Playlist.

Football Hudl Banquet Video

The clips will be copied into the banquet video playlist and not deleted from the original playlist. You can delete them from the original playlist if you want:

  1. Select the checkbox beside each clip.
  2. Click More in the orange bar.
  3. Click Remove Clip.

3. Add More Clips to Your Playlist

Now that you’ve created the banquet video playlist, you can add clips from other playlists once they’re uploaded to Hudl.com. Just drag and drop your clips into your banquet video playlist. Dragging and dropping will copy your clips, so you can use the same steps as above to delete them from your original playlist.

See how to drag and drop your clips:

Star Your Clips

In order for the clips to show up in the Premium Highlight Creator, you’ll need to star them as highlights.

  1. Click the star next to the clip.
  2. Choose Team Highlight.

Once in the Premium Highlight Creator, choose the season the clips are saved under and select Other Items.

We want to see your end-of-season banquet videos. Be sure to post them on our Facebook wall so we can see your team in action.

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