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Keep Athletes Strong for Playoffs with In-Season Strength Training

Football 2012 Hudl

Did you know athletes can lose lean body mass at rate of 5% per month when not actively strength training? This means that your middle linebacker who started the season at 225 lbs. could be down to 210 lbs. by week seven and feeling weak as playoffs approach.

As high school football coaches, we spend countless hours developing, modifying, and implementing our offseason football strength programs to ensure that our athletes are at their peak physical condition. Unfortunately, the beginning of the school year and football season can mark the end of a consistent strength program.

There are many opinions on in-season training programs and this is just one philosophy. I suggest evaluating your time constraints and working your program into that mold.

This program will focus on four main methods of training:

Core Stability – maintaining core stability will limit lower back injury and provide a base for the dynamic movements that are needed on the football field.

Flexibility/Mobility - flexibility training can be used as an important aid in the recovery of your athletes post practice and game.

Strength Endurance - Utilize repetition variables to allow your athletes to keep lean body mass gained in the offseason and continue strength endurance gains during the season.

Power Training - Incorporate one power lift each session. Maintaining force production is paramount to an athlete’s performance.

Here’s a two-day in-season strength program schedule.

I believe that strength develops confidence and confidence leads to wins. The oversight of not having a progressive, challenging in-season strength program can affect your players both physically and mentally.

What do you do for your in-season strength routine?

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