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Hudl and Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy

Update: Hudl has weathered the storm - our developers are staying on high alert, but we’re confident in our infrastructure moving forward. Thanks for hanging with us.


We want to alert you to a potential situation: Hurricane Sandy is headed for the East Coast, where a majority of our data centers are located. Our developers are hard at work to make sure the impact to Hudl is limited, but there is only so much we can do when combating Mother Nature.

Here’s what we recommend:

You can stay updated on our status on our Twitter page, and you can find more information on Hurricane Sandy here and here.

If you have a crucial team meeting on Monday or Tuesday, we’d recommend downloading any film you need offline, just in case Hudl experiences any interruptions in service.

Don’t fret about your data and video, though - we have it backed up in several locations offline.

Please contact us at support@hudl.com if you have any questions.

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