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Get The Most Out of Chrome: Tips from Gizmodo


If you’ve ever called into Hudl support, we’ve probably told you to switch Google Chrome. We live and die by it.

Each of our employees zips through countless web pages each day, all the way from Ancestry to Zappos, taking a hard corner at Slickdeals, doubling back to Amazon, side-stepping over to Homage, and then hightailing it back to Zendesk. Some of us even appear to have the entire internet open in Chrome all at once (I’m gawking at you, @MelissaFabina)

With all of this web-based hopscotch, you’re probably wondering how we get anything done. The answer is simple: we know every single shortcut, every little keystroke, every single little magic trick there is to know about Chrome.

Ordinarily, I’d share these tricks with you, but I’ve got a date with Apple Movie Trailers, so I’m just going point you to a game-changing article from Gizmodo: How to Get the Most Out of Google Chrome.

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