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Building a Professional Video Operations Department: Our Workflow

Riggs Hudl Workflow

This is the final part of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama. See Part One: Getting Everyone on Board, Part Two: The Equipment, or Part Three: Training the Students.

A big part of this season was getting our workflow down. We have a set schedule for our film work during the week for practice and also for game day. Here’s how our week looks:

Monday and Tuesday

  1. I make a copy of the practice schedule and circle what I want the students to film.
  2. The students come in, prep the cameras, grab their equipment, and head to the field to film for practice.
  3. When they finish filming for the day, they upload the video to Hudl and I intercut the film using Hudl’s online editing tools.


  • The students come in for about 10 minutes and pack up for Friday’s game based on a checklist I provide.

Game Day

  • During the game, after each quarter is complete the filmers drop their SD cards to the “runner” who comes back to the game day setup and uploads the film to Hudl and intercut the angles. The runner will repeat that after each quarter.
  • I have one JV coach tagging the game live with the Hudl iPhone app, entering basic data (ODK, down, distance, hash, yard line) and another JV coach in the box typing out our calls so I can type those in immediately following the game.

Thirty minutes after the game, all video upload and intercutting is complete and our data has been matched to our video online.

This program was very successful on all fronts this year. We look forward to adding new things to the program next year. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at mikelriggs24@gmail.com.

Part One: Getting Everyone on Board

Part Two: The Equipment

Part Three: Training the Students

Mikel Riggs is the son of legendary high school football coach Jamie Riggs. From an early age he knew he wanted to be like his dad and coach. He took an interest in technology and the role it plays in football in high school, and upon graduating, attended Huntington College in Montgomery, Ala. to play football. He returned home to coach with his dad for a year, then attended Auburn University the following year and worked for the football team in the video operations department for three seasons. He is the secondary coach and in charge of technology for the Foley High School (Ala.)

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