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Building a Professional Video Operations Department: Getting Everyone on Board

Hudl Mikel Riggs Video

Growing up a coach’s son, I saw firsthand how much time my dad devoted to his job and preparing for his team. My father’s time was valuable and as a family we knew that; any time we could spend with him, we took advantage of.

As I started at my first year as secondary coach at Foley High School (Ala.) last fall I realized I couldn’t give the attention to the video operations department it deserved and still fulfill my coaching responsibilities. I used my previous experience from the video operations department at Auburn University (Ala.) to design a video operations department for our team. This added efficiency to our football program and minimized wasted time at the office. The student workers do all the filming and uploading to Hudl. That way, our coaches can spend more time coaching, preparing, and with their families.

Here’s the first step I took to make it happen:

Getting Everyone on Board

After getting other coaches on board, we approached our principal. After we got his consent to start the project we spread the word about among the students. We wanted to stress that this would be a great learning opportunity for them and they would have a direct impact on the team’s success. We asked students to apply to be part of the crew and selected them based on:

  • Interest level
  • Commitment level
  • Previous experience with technology

After the students were selected we began training them and choosing video equipment.

This is part one of a four-part series from Mikel Riggs detailing how he built a professional video operations department at Foley High School in Alabama.

Part Two: The Equipment

Part Three: Training the Students

Part Four: Our Workflow

Mikel Riggs is the son of legendary high school football coach Jamie Riggs. From an early age he knew he wanted to be like his dad and coach. He took an interest in technology and the role it plays in football in high school, and upon graduating, attended Huntington College in Montgomery, Ala. to play football. He returned home to coach with his dad for a year, then attended Auburn University the following year and worked for the football team in the video operations department for three seasons. He is the secondary coach and in charge of technology for the Foley High School (Ala.) Lions.

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