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New Feature: Share Important Documents Through Your Hudl Account

Hudl Attachments

Your printer has been a key player in your team’s success in past years. You’re tasked with printing off hundreds of documents from student health forms to offseason weightlifting schedules. You go to all the work, only to have forms lost or sit buried in a locker.

Make your life easier this season and share all your documents through your Hudl account. Your video already lives in Hudl, doesn’t it just make sense for all your coaching docs to live there, too?

Hudl attachments

Now they can. You can share anything—schedules, scouting reports, release forms, playbooks, and lots more.

Athletes and coaches will get an email once you’ve shared a doc with them. The doc will also show up in your team’s newsfeed, and in the new document repository on the side of your Dashboard page.

This feature is available for teams on Gold and Platinum packages. Contact us if you would like to upgrade.

Get started with the tutorial.

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