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Dos and Don'ts of Hudl's Recruiting Tools

Hudl Athlete Profile Page

With a few weeks of football under your belts, I’m sure you’ve already started to think about getting your athletes recruited. Everyone has their own idea of “best practices” when it comes to recruiting. We have a few that we think will help you get the most out of Hudl’s recruiting tools.

Here are some dos and don’ts of using Hudl’s recruiting tools, plus a sneak peek at some new stuff for recruiting we have in the works:


Complete Your Athlete’s Profile

Don’t make recruiters work for the information they need. Be sure to completely fill out the personal and parent information on an athlete you’re referring to a recruiter.

See the tutorial.

Build a Premium Highlight

A good highlight reel is the best way to get noticed. Keep this in mind when you’re building it:

  • Put your best plays first. Wow recruiters right away.
  • Keep it short. Include your top 10-12 plays.
  • Use spot shadows. Let recruiters know who they need to watch.
  • Don’t worry about music. It will just get turned down anyway.

Start building your Premium Highlight.

Send Recruiting Packages

Hudl Recruiting Packages will keep all your video neatly packaged with everything a recruiter needs. Don’t mess with DVDs getting lost in the mail or tossed aside and scratched. You’ll be able to send full game videos along with your athlete’s highlights.


Add Recruiters to Your Account

You want to have control of what a recruiter does and doesn’t see. A recruiting package is a way to put your best foot forward. Adding a recruiter to your roster also puts them in the loop of things they probably don’t care about, e.g., when your team is meeting for practice and when they need to turn in their parent permission slips.

Forget to Get Your Athlete Involved

This is their future, too. Let them know that you want to help them out, but can’t do all the work.

Check out these four things an athlete (and their parents) should know about the recruiting process.

Spam Recruiters

Your athlete is talented, but that doesn’t mean that the 600 coaches you have contact information for are going to be interested in him. Before the recruiting process begins, sit down with the athlete and the parent and discuss what the athlete is looking for in a school and where he would be qualified to play. Start with 5-10 and go from there.

Here’s a sneak peek of some recruiting tools we have in the works. Nothing is final, but we wanted to give you an idea of some awesome things coming down the pipe:

Hudl Recruit Preview

Note: We’ve had a few questions about recruiting services we’re affiliated with so we wanted to clarify. We are not affiliated with any recruiting services, and would never ask you to give your account information to a recruiter or add them to your account. If you want to share Hudl video to a recruiter or recruiting service, the best way is through Hudl Recruiting Packages.

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