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Check Out Our Sexy New Reports

Hudl Football Report

You use reports like nobody’s business. We thought it was time we gave them some love.

We’ve given our reports a major facelift and added in some new features to make them a powerful tool for you to have in your arsenal this season.

This will be an opt-in feature, so if you are in love with the old look of reports you don’t have to switch over. If you want to try out new reports, fill out our form and we’ll get it turned on for you.

Check out what’s new:

Formation Reports

To start, we tweaked the design so they should be easier for you to read and pull out the information you need.

Other things you’ll notice:

  • The new cover page will display the top nine formations run by the offense.
  • There are two pages for each formation. The first gives an overview of the formation, and the second page shows the top three backfield sets used for that formation.
  • There’s a better looking hit chart that will help you prepare to defend the run.

Formation Report

Hudl Formation Report

Backfield Report

Hudl Backfield Report

Get started with the tutorial.

Custom Reports

Custom reports now have a fresh design that will make running complex, detailed reports better and more powerful.

Before, if you chose more than three categories to run a custom report on, the view got a little janky. We think you’ll like the new look a lot better.

Hudl Custom Report

See the tutorial.

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