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Behind the Scenes of Hudl.com

Hudl Laptop

Football season is our busiest time. We’ve got teams across more than 20 sports, but football coaches push our infrastructure unlike any other. The season is our chance to show you just how serious we are about keeping the site up and keeping it fast. Our goal this season is the same as last: keep Hudl up and running when you need it most.

Keeping any website up and running is no easy task. I thought I would give a glimpse into the efforts we make to ensure Hudl is always there when you need it, along with some pretty sweet stats.

Warning: Things are about to get nerdy.

1. Redundancy

Things break. Servers fail. Software crashes. It’s a fact of life. To counter that, we added triple-redundancy to Hudl. When you access Hudl, you are really accessing servers on one of our three data centers. Hudl is one of the few websites out there that can sustain the loss of two entire data centers and stay fully operational. We were lucky enough that we never lost a data center last season, which meant most of the season we never pushed our servers past 30% capacity.

2. Scalability

Hudl is all about video. We store more than 150 million video clips and more than 500 million pieces of breakdown data. During the season, it is normal for us to stream more than 130 million video views each week. With that kind of load, our only option is to spread the love across a lot of servers.

Last season we had more than 100 servers all working together to store your data safely and serve up your videos, reports, exchanges, and everything else, whenever you wanted. This season, we are running more than 300 servers to make sure we can support tens of thousands of teams with even faster performance than last season.

Some Pretty Sweet Stats

It’s entirely possible that the last two paragraphs put you to sleep, so here are some stats that you may find a little bit more digestible:

  • During the season more than 100 pieces of breakdown data (down, distance, formation, etc.) are uploaded to Hudl every second.
  • If you were to watch all the video published to Hudl.com in the last 24 hours, it would take you about half a year (4,394 hours or 183 days).
  • Hudl users have created more than 1 million highlight reels (that accounts for game highlights, premium highlights, and Top Plays).
  • During the week of August 27 – September 1, we had more than 105 million clip views. During the same week last year, that number was only 39 million.

We’re working to make this season run even smoother than last season. We are adding more redundancy, servers, and monitoring, and preparing to set new records so coaches, athletes, and fans that come to Hudl will have a great experience.

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